Faster and more effective technology

Oil and water don't mix! Unless using our technology.
We have solved an issue that cannabis manufacturers have faced for years by creating an ingredient that will seamlessly infuse any product. Cannabis oils are turned into nanoparticles that dissolve in water, opening the door to virtually any product.

Biosparc has developed a patent pending drug delivery technology that is proving to enhance ingestible products in three important categories.

Onset Time


Seamlessly mixes with water

Our patent pending drug delivery system has a multitude of applications. It can be used to improve existing products or to create new products.

Food & Beverages




Powder form provides custom potency and the ability to accurately measure how much is being added to products

powder powder

This video shows how our powder technology works when added to a glass of water. What you are seeing is a powdered form of 100 mg THC seamlessly mixing into a glass of water. This technology can be applied to any cannabinoid, CBD, CBN, CBG, Terpenes, etc.